16 Facts About Animals That’ll Make You Smile Even If You’re Having A Bad Day

1. Male penguins propose to the female with most beautiful stones they could find

Evenfh / Getty Images

isn’t this so romantic.

2.  Dogs can know owner’s voice and answer to feelings like love the same way us humans do

@lukethegoldenpup / Instagram / Via instagram.com

3. Dogs can also recognize when their owners are being treated badly, and would immediately turn aggressive toward that person

@trango_gsd / Instagram / Via instagram.com

5. When an elephant is upset or , its pack friend will rob them with their trunks and make reassuring chirping noises.

Filrom / Getty Images

7. And sometimes baby elephants suck their trunks the same way baby humans do

Andy Nowack / Getty Images

8. Norway once knighted a penguin named Nils

Fieldwork / Getty Images

9. If a crow is in danger, their crow friends will come and back them up.

Kleinplanet311 / Getty Images

Also, crows can recognise faces. So if you’re nice to one by bringing them food, they’ll remember you and want to be your friend. They might even bring you something shiny to say thank you.

10. Cows have best friends.

Iphotographer / Getty Images

11. Rats laugh when you tickle them

Zapikanstudio / Getty Images

12. When dogs lay down and do that funny leg stick-out thing, it’s called a sploot

@splootthecorgi / Instagram / Via instagram.com

13. Otters hold hands while sleeping so they don’t float away from each other

Otters holding hands / YouTube / Via youtube.com

Also, sea otters tend to form “rafts” when resting, by linking together. The largest raft ever seen contained 2000 otters.

14. And they have a special pouch in their skin, under their arms, where they carry their favourite rock.

Cloudtail_the_snow_leopard / Getty Images

They use this rock to open shellfish.

Also, while we’re here, look at this video of one otter pushing another inside a toy car, right into a pool.

15. Trees help one another survive. If one in a forest isn’t getting enough sunlight or water, the others will send it nutrients through underground fungus

Getty Images

16. Most sea turtles come back to the same beach they were born on to hatch their eggs and start their next generation


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