Bald Eagles Keep Dying And No One’s Talking About It

Late last month, a bald eagle was taken to a wildlife recovery center, motionless, helpless, and not even able to hold his head up. When people carried the paralyzed bird, his head was resting on his wings, rescuers hurried to clean his blood of the poison that was choking him to death.

This occurs to bald eagles very frequently, and the executive director of Blue Mountain Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center in Oregon, Lynn Tompkins, has been working on protecting them for thirty years.

Tompkins revealed that the bird’s head was upside down when he arrived, explaining that the nerves got attacked first, affecting the brain, the muscles, and eventually the use of all parts of the body. The eagles usually can’t do the simplest of tasks, like standing or opening their beaks and often have difficulty breathing.

This involves bald eagles, owls and other kinds of raptors. Once they eat dead animals shot by lead bullets, the lead goes into their bodies, weakening them to a great extent. Tompkins stated that raptors are quite ready to be scavengers, so when they scavenge, they eat animals that have been shot. The main source is lead ammunition.

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