This Genius Invention Is Saving Animals From Terrible Death

Owning a swimming pool is probably the most enjoyable way to stay cool in the summer heat. However, it can be very dangerous for the small living creatures in your backyard. In order to change that, Rich Mason, a wildlife biologist, has created a simple yet very effective invention, called the Froglog.

Mason reveals on his website that in 2004, some of his friends from Baltimore, Maryland had informed him that frogs were dying in their newly-built swimming pool. As he was profoundly saddened by this, he decided to construct a sort of life-raft that can be used by animals to get out of the pool if they became trapped.

The FrogLog is made up of an inflatable platform with a mesh skirt on its sides, and a weighted bag to ensure that the device stays on the pool’s edge. These two pieces are connected by a mesh ramp to help the animals get out smoothly. Mason created the prototypes of his invention entirely by hand, with just fabric and foam.

Once the FrogLog made headlines on The Dodo, it soon managed to attract a lot of attention: over 68 thousand likes and a huge wave of applause. Everyone praised this thoughtful invention as well as its maker, saying that he is very special to care about these small animals. Unmistakably, the Froglog is another way to make sure that all creatures have an equal chance of surviving.

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Hot summer weather obviously mean swimming pool season – but also frog season!

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Sadly, these small creatures and others get stuck in the pool. After far too often, which can lead to their drowning.

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In 2004, Rich Mason, a wildlife biologist, was told by his friend that he found over fifty dead frogs in her swimming pool.

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Troubled by this, he began working on a design that would be able to help these poor creatures climb out to safety.

Image credits: Rich Mason

The FrogLog was made – It consists of a foam raft connected to a weighted pouch by a mesh ramp.

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The device’s first trials were very successful, saving almost 60 frogs.

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The only adjustment made after that was changing the foam raft to an inflatable platform. Then, they started selling the Froglog.

Image credits: Rich Mason

Since then, it has received unlimited praise.

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“What an exceptional human you are… worrying about these small critters whose lives might seem insignificant to people” One Facebook user commented.

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Across North America, FrogLogs has saved all kinds of lives: mice, snakes, frogs, etc..

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Every creature, big or small, deserves a chance to survive. Thanks to the FrogLod, hundreds more will.

Image credits: FrogLog

Watch the video to see how the FrogLog works:

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