Snakes : Dangerous Beauty

Snakes, as we all know, are one of the most dangerous animals in the wildlife, but have you ever heard of the expression of ”the dangerous beauty”? If you did then snakes are the perfect match for this expression.

There are over 3000 kinds of snakes around the world. Some are deadly poisoned and others have some other special defense and attack methods, through this article, we brought for you the top 10 most beautiful and unique snakes.

1. The Green Tree Python

This kind of snakes is found originally in Australia and New Guinea. They live in forests and prefer trees and between plants as hiding spots. These snakes can grow up to 6 feet and they’re nonvenomous but still, the green tree python has very sharp teeth and can injure so badly by its bite. However, it’s still one of the most beautiful snakes.

2. The Blizzard Corn Snake

The blizzard Corn is unlike the most of the other snake, it’s completely harmless and could be kept as a pet.

This snake is a combination of the Charcoal gene and Amelanistic gene.

3. The Bloodred Corn Snake

This beautiful harmless snake comes from North America and prefers to live in abandoned buildings, forest openings, and farms but also can be kept as a pet.

4. The Python regius

The Albino Ball Python or the royal python. This West African snake is one of the preferable pet to the snake’s lovers.

It’s nonvenomous and very beautiful and can also grow up to 6 feet.

5. The Indigo Eastern Rat Snake

Unlike how it looks, this American black aggressive looking snake is nonvenomous and timid.

6. The Leucistic Texas Rat Snake

This beautiful whitish-yellow snake comes originally out of Texas. It’s very active and can grow up to 6 feet.

7. The Black Spitting Cobra

Here’s another African snake, exactly from the sub-Sahara, is venomous and can grow up to 7.2 feet.

8. The Blue Racer Snake

The Blue Racer Snake is very dynamic, which prefers a variety of areas, including forests, marshes, open woodlands, and weedy lake shores. It is often located in the southern part of Peninsula.

9. The Oriental Whip Snake

This snake is a moderately venomous one. It favors wooded private areas. Its body shape is very thin and its color can differ from yellowish-green to light brown.

10. Red-headed Krait

This kind of snakes is extremely poisonous which favors forested heights. It is often located in the southern section of Thailand. It grows up to 6.9 feet. Beauty of this creature is represented in the shape of its light orange-red top with pale figure and tiny reddish end.

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