Baby Deer Refuses To Leave The Human Who Saved Her Life

When Darius Sasnauskas witnessed the birth of two baby deer in his backyard, he couldn’t help but be surprised and fascinated by the beautiful occurrence. Unfortunately, one of the babies had an injured leg and couldn’t keep up with her family, and therefore was left behind, alone and afraid.

There was no sign of her mother later on, and Darius knew that with so many predators around, the poor creature had absolutely no chance of surviving out there on her own.

So, he decided to bring her home. He made her a leg brace from an oatmeal box and fed her every four hours. He looked after her, and following his steps, his dog did the same, as he would lick the fawn’s face repeatedly, showing her that she’s in a safe environment.

Soon, the fawn learned to walk again. When it was time to let her go, Darius tried to release her back to the wild but didn’t succeeded, as the baby deer would always find her way back to him.

One evening, her mother showed up and she finally had the chance to rejoin her family. Darius spotted her once again, a few months later, and he could tell that she was growing fast and healthy, and enjoying her life to the fullest.

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