Bear, Lion And Tiger Brothers Haven’t Left Each Other’s Side For 15 Years

Unlikely animal friendships are always pleasant and touching to see because they prove to us that animals don’t care about differences of species or size and will be loyal to their companions for life. We have heard about many unusual animal friendships, like an elephant taking a dog under his wing, or a giraffe befriending an ostrich. But nothing ever came close to seeing a lion, a bear and a tiger living together peacefully.

Baloo the American black bear, Leo the African lion and Shere Khan the Bengal tiger have spent the last 15 years harmoniously at an animal shelter in Georgia fittingly named Noah’s Ark.

In 2001, all three were rescued from the terrible conditions that they were enduring in the basement of a house in Atlanta. Baloo needed to undergo a surgery to remove an ingrowing harness that wasn’t fixed as he had grown. The surgery was the only time the trio, known as the BLT, has ever been separated.

Fortunately, they have spent every day happily together ever since. They weren’t returned to the wild as they were too injured for it and still aren’t strong enough.

The sanctuary is their loving home, and coming from three different continents, we could tell that such animals would have never met each other in the wild. This story restores our faith in love and friendship, a friendship that surpasses all bounds and differences.

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