Deer Drops By Gift Shop — Then Comes Back Later With Her Kids

On Christmas holidays, shopping for gifts is probably priority number 1 on everybody’s to-do list. Surely enough, this mama deer is no exception.

Lori Jones works in a small shop for gifts and supplies in Fort Collins, Colorado. As it is located in the Horsetooth Inn and RV Park and close to the foot of the Rockies, encounters with local wild animals isn’t that unusual. However, one specific visitor did stand out from the crown. Or, to put it in a nutshell: She walked right in.

Jones was working that week when suddenly, a wild deer turned up in the doorway. Moments later, as everybody just stared at her in wonder and confusion, the curious deer did something even more unexpected and she roamed inside as any other customer would do, scanning the shop shelves and looking at sunglasses and the chips.
The whole incident was very hilarious, as Jones describes it.

Jones that this doe was pretty familiar to her. In fact, she is the matriarch of a deer family known to live around the area, passing through the grounds from time to time to get to a nearby field to graze. However, this was a first-time incident, never before had the deer gone into a building, nor had she taken her interest in shopping.

Assuming the doe was simply lost, Jones decided to accompany her outside, so she lured her back to the field with the help of a peanut bar in hand.

And that was it – as Jones thought. Well, she was wrong.

On a surprising turn, the deer came again about 30 minutes later with her whole family. Jones revealed that while doing inventory, she goes out to find her there. This time, she was with her twins as well as one young buck that she adopted.

The kids seemed to be waiting at the door while their mama doe entered the store.

They looked over at Jones with a look that said ‘Can we come in too?’. ‘No’, Jones said, and they did as they were told.

Jones has no idea why did the deer show interest in the shop that day. But considering that they’re wild creatures though, she didn’t want to give them a big warm reception.

Grabbing another peanut bar, she then allured them to the field once again, even though she has a policy against feeding wildlife. Still, they deserved a little reward for their compliance. Afterward, she clapped her hands, sending the deer running back into the forest.

It must have been lovely to see this, as the storekeeper reveals that she felt very satisfied that she has encountered something special. All our thanks go to those wonderful random visitors.

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