White Lion And White Tiger Have Babies Together

Meet Sampson, Yeti, Apolo, and Odlin: four of the rarest felines in the entire world.

These charming brothers are ligers, as in hybrids between lions and tigers. Since there are only about a thousand of them in the whole world, they are considered very rare. Sadly enough, most of these beautiful creatures live in captivity.

More interestingly, these four big cats are even more extraordinary than others, as they are actually the first white ligers ever existed!

A white tiger named Saraswati and a white lion named Ivory are these cubs’ parents. White tigers and white lions are pretty unique too, as their populations are between 1200 and 300 respectively.

This gorgeous family lives at the T.I.G.E.R. Sanctuary located in South Carolina.

The four darlings are not the sanctuary’s first ligers, as it has successfully bred others before, including Hercules, the biggest cat ever born according to the Guinness Book of World Records. Weighing more than 920 pounds, he is quite the large feline, but still, a sweetheart who enjoys playing with his handlers and having fun with his new nephews.

Hercules’ nephews might be pretty small now, but soon enough, they will surely be as big as he is.

In fact, they are gaining a pound of weight per day, and everybody in the Sanctuary is amazed by their impressive growth. The founder, Dr. Antle, states that if he ever skips a day seeing them, the next day, it seems like they have doubled in size as if someone is blowing them up with an actual tire pump.

The tiger cubs are as sociable as lions and relish swimming like tigers. Nevertheless, each one of them has his own unique character trait. Apollo, the smallest cub, behaves the most like a pet cat; he loves cuddling with his handlers as well as having them pet him.

Yeti, the most vociferous of the group, is always seeking to be the center of attention. Besides, as he is the biggest of the four, Dr. Antle predicts that he might outweigh his uncle Hercules eventually.

By the time these tiny creatures are two years old, they are believed to be at least 10 feet tall and 750 pounds.

These four liger cubs are without a doubt one-of-a-kind. Check out the footage below to see the adorable felines in action!

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